Heinz Holliger


France 1890–1950

Maurice Bourgue

Olivier Doise

Jérôme Guichard

Olivier Stankiewicz

Jacques Tys

Fabien Thouand

Joris van der Hauwe


German Oboe, 1930

Clara Dent

Ivan Danko

Nick Shay Deutsch

Kai Frömbgen

Cristina Gómez Godoy

Klaus-Peter Gütz

Christoph Hartmann

Jonathan Kelly

Gerd-Albrecht Kleinfeld

Lothar Koch

Kalev Kuljus

Albrecht Mayer

Domenico Orlando

Lin Qing

Thomas Rohde

Christian Schmitt

Philippe Tondre

Dieter Wagner

Henrik Wahlgren

Walter Weih

Gregor Witt

Antonio Pasculli


Maddy Aldis-Evans

John Anderson

Roy Carter

Christopher Cowie

Celia Craig

Janet Craxton

Nicholas Daniel

Simon Emes

Julia Girdwood

Gordon Hunt

Malcolm Messiter

Celia Nicklin

Christopher O’Neal

Stéphane Rancourt

Graham Salter

Richard Simpson

Maxwell Spiers

David Theodore

James Turnbull


Elaine Douvas

Linda Strommen

Nancy Ambrose King

Washington Barella

Yue Cheng

John Ferrillo

Eugene Izotov

Elizabeth Koch Tiscione

Dwight Parry

Liang Wang

Richard Woodhams


Alexei Ogrintchouk

Emil Miroslavskiy

Maria Smolonskaya

José Luis García

Ramón Ortega Quero

Sarah Roper

José Antonio Masmano Villar


Pietro Corna

Arnaldo de Felice

Omar Zoboli


Emanuel Abbühl

Thomas Indermühle

Jaime González

Murat Özülgen


Jana Brožková

Jiří Krejčí

Jurij Likin

Jiří Mihule

Jiři Zelba


Jaap Stotijn

Haakon Stotijn

Han de Vries

Rob Bouwmeester

Pauline Oostenrijk

Bart Schneemann


Harald Hörth, Wiener Oboe

Günther Lorenz, Wiener Oboe



Single Reed Oboe Mouthpiece

Guy Légère

Graham Salter is one of Britain’s most widely experienced oboists, teachers and coaches. He held the position of Cor Anglais at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden after that of Principal Oboe in the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, records in the film studios, and has performed as a guest with every major orchestra in Britain. A former Editor for BDRS / DRN, he gives masterclasses and tuition widely, plays recitals choosing between five sizes of the modern oboe, and appears regularly as a concerto soloist.


Language: English

552 pages, including 16 pages in full colour of reeds against the light and in profile, showing a millimetre scale.

Size:240 x 170 mm

ISBN 978-0-9571555-3-4

82 World Interviews, 115 Colour Photos of Reeds with Complete Measurements


Chapter 3 details

Refinements, with

Recommended Workflow, Tests and Checks

specifically for the American reed,

by Elaine Douvas,

Principal Oboe, Metropolitan Opera, New York

and Head of Department, Juilliard School

with Prof. Linda Strommen,

Jacobs School of Music,

Indiana University

and Juilliard.

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Understanding the Oboe Reed:

Player Interviews

and Reeds Photographed